• E-Drive – our self-charging hybrid electric system
  • NO noxious exhaust fumes while working
  • Platform battery recharges between jobs
  • Fuel and maintenance savings
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Quieter - less noise pollution
  • Smooth operations


The average diesel-driven van engine ticking over uses about 1 litre fuel/hour. Over a year, an engine running 3 hours/day for 200 working days will consume 600L fuel and emit 1.5 tons of CO2, not to mention the noxious exhaust fumes and associated noise pollution.

We have developed a solution that saves all the pollution whilst working on a task. E-Drive is our self-charging hybrid electric system.

  • NO exhaust emissions during platform operation.
  • You save 1.5 tons CO2 each year.

Admittedly, you still have to have a diesel or petrol driven vehicle, because the hybrid vehicles are currently not economically viable.


E-Drive – our self-charging hybrid electric system comes as standard across our portfolio. It powers up to 20 cycles with the engine turned off. The battery is then recharged en-route to the next job, so there’s never any need to plug in.

This delivers fuel savings, and less frequent engine services because of fewer running hours. Engines also run cleaner because soot accumulation during tickover is reduced.


E-Drive operates between 49-55 dB. This is somewhere between a whisper and a conversation. Near silent operation improves working conditions and communication with the ground, and reduces public nuisance.

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Aldercote Clients

customer testimonial

“Here at Rivus, we look for trusted partners who we can work with, to supply the right products to our customer base in the telecommunications and utility sectors. What has impressed me about the team at Aldercote Limited, is they take the time to really understand the customers requirements from the outset. This results in a great product, with great quality, that’s packed with innovation, making the ongoing ownership and maintenance more cost effective for the Customer.”

Gary Harrison IMIM
Head of Engineering, Rivus (Openreach)

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