We engineer to the max

People entrust their lives to our platforms so our engineering team ensures that our products will not break. Each platform is tested to 150% overload, and many components have been tested to destruction. New designs are subject to sophisticated numerical modelling, followed by finite element analysis (FEA), followed by strain measurement under overload. This allows us to be certain of the safety of our platforms.

Efficient without compromise

Just like a body, each component has been carefully designed and considered and has its function. We don’t over engineer our designs, and we also never compromise since safety is synonymous with our access platforms.

Whenever a component design is reviewed opportunities for weight reduction are explored. No weight saving is too small. Ten grams is worth having. A kilogram is a minor triumph. Each gram we save translates into additional payload for your operator’s tools and equipment.

Minimising the manufacturing carbon footprint

We are a proud member of Made in Britain, since not only is all design, engineering and manufacture done in Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, but all components are also sourced in the UK.

Find out more about Made in Britain here.

We meet the ISO 16368 standard for mobile elevating work platforms – this is the international equivalent of the BSEN 280, set by EU machinery directive. This means we comply with the following standards:

  • EN ISO 4413 for hydraulic systems
  • BSEN 60204 for electrical systems
  • EN ISO 13849 for control systems.