Aldercote Trax isn't defeated by tough terrain.

Our high performance Trax platforms are perfectly suited for working at height on extreme terrain.

Mounting to the renowned Morooka allterrain vehicles, makes it possible to gain access to the most challenging site. Once there, our platforms are designed fro the most demanding conditions.








TRAX 140 14.4m 6.8m 250kg From 5t Morooka 600 Crawler Outreach dependent on basket load.
TRAX 150 15.5m 7.6m
TRAX 160 16.5m 8.1m
  • E-Drive – our self-charging hybrid electric system
  • CAN bus control system with remote connectivity
  • "Fit and forget" bushes – no greasing required
  • Operator feedback for fault diagnostics
  • Ergonomic curved basket for greater space
  • Insulated harness anchors for low voltage protection
  • Auxiliary electric power pack in case of main pump failure
  • Ground controller with 5m wander lead
  • ...Other options available on request


Click or tap to start moving the vehicle, click and drag (single finger swipe for mobile) will allow you to rotate the vehicle. Use your mouse wheel or pinch the screen (two fingers on mobile) to zoom in and out, and right click (two fingers on mobile) to move the vehicle up and down. Use the slider bars below to move the boom.

Slew (°)

Lower Boom (°)

Main Boom (°)

Telescopic Boom ()


All platforms come with a Remote Diagnostics Service, this is an app that allows our service team to connect to the control system and provide additional support. Our service engineer can see the state of your platform, and the cause of the interrupted operation. Issues can often be fixed by the operators, saving everyone time and the expense of a callout.


The commonest causes of interrupted operation are the ones that the operator can fix him/herself. Feedback at all the control stations informs the operator where the problem lies and will often let him/her fix the problem and get going again.

Download Trax Data Sheet


Alternatively, you might have a specific situation that lends itself to a bespoke platform – again, we are also the right partner for you. Since all our knowledge and expertise is home grown, we can also design and build custom access platforms, if requested. Our design team has a “Virtual proving ground”, where we can rapidly examine any combination of vehicle and platform, and quickly evaluate entirely new platform designs. We have also developed a process which allows us to efficiently certify new designs.

Download Custom Data Sheet

Altec AT37M

Altec AT37M articulating telescopic aerial device

Custom Unimog



Made in Britain

Aldercote is the leading UK manufacturer of vehicle-mounted access platforms. We are proud to design and manufacture high performance products that help our customers build and maintain the nation’s infrastructure.

Aldercote is a family run business that puts people first. We show this in our customer care and by valuing every employee for their passion, expertise and individuality.


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