Here’s why...

  • We only use high-quality components
  • E-Drive, our self-charging hybrid electric system, saves fuel and engine service costs
  • Weight savings in platform design translates into high fuel efficiency
  • Plug-and-play components reduce the need for maintenance
  • Reduced call-outs due to remote diagnostics, and operator feedback
  • Improved fuel efficiency due to lower weight
  • Reduced collision risk


There has never been a better time to buy a van mounted access platform. A new electric platform provides higher productivity, better reliability, lower running costs, and lower environmental impact than older engine driven machines. With recent changes to corporation tax allowing offsetting of new investments, and the high value of used machines it is also surprisingly cost effective.

There are several ways to finance a new platform, below are models for cash purchase and standard hire purchase, compared with a typical rate for long term hire for comparison*.

*The figures shown here are what would be available to a typical small business in early 2024. Deals vary with economic conditions and individual company circumstances, but the overall picture shown here will old true in most cases.


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  • Price of £67,000
  • Five-year repayment term
  • 25% of purchase price being returned through the corporation tax full expensing rule, 18 months after purchase
  • Full Aldercote service package, including LOLERs, annual servicing, and breakdown support for wear and tear
  • 10% deposit, and annual rate of interest of 5%

Total outlay over five years is shown in the graph below.

Cash purchasing will always be the cheapest long-term option, and the total cost of buying and maintaining a new electric platform over five years is actually lower than the purchase price, thanks to the corporation tax saving. The total amount spent is just over £60,000 over five years, meaning an average of just over £1000 per month.

Avoiding up-front costs through hire purchase results in an average monthly cost of £1340.

All these figures are significantly lower than typical rental prices, and of course, in the end you own the machine. 5-year-old van mounted platforms are currently selling for about £40,000. Sell your platform for this sum after five years and the cost of owning and maintaining a new electric platform for 5 years is around £21,000 for a cash purchase, and £43,000 with the most competitive financing arrangement. This equates to monthly outlay of £360, and £780 per month.

Of course, with E-drive you’ll also spend less on fuel and vehicle maintenance, faster operation will boost your productivity, and quieter, cleaner operation will please your operators.

Aldercote Clients

customer testimonial

“I’ve bought equipment elsewhere in the past and faced numerous problems. Buying equipment from Aldercote is totally different; Dave and Paul Dillon are the nicest people, always available to help. In 2017, I bought my first Aldercote access platform, a Toyota CZ140, since then I’ve also invested in a Transit VZ145 and an Iveco. The equipment hardly ever goes wrong, on the odd occasion it has, I used the remote diagnostics service, and was able to quickly resolve the issue.”

Nick Fox
NDF Civils

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