• High quality parts used
  • Diagnostic feedback at control stations
  • Maintenance-free bushes
  • Automotive-style wiring for platform: increases reliability
  • Plug and play components
  • Remote diagnostics as standard
  • Friendly, expert support, if required


Our platforms are engineered to maximise their performance and reduce your downtime. To do this, we:

  • Use automotive-style wiring harnesses to ensure that cables are well protected at all points and components are easy to replace
  • Use only the highest quality components
  • Double-up safety critical areas to ensure that a failure won’t put operators in danger


Our Remote Diagnostics service comes as standard with every Aldercote platform since 2018. This allows us to quickly understand the cause of breakdowns and often resolve theme remotely. Even when we can’t fix an issue, our service team are already fully briefed before they arrive, so come prepared to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.


Due to the clever robust design of our platforms, most components are plug and play. This means some parts, like the bushes and chromed stainless steel articulation pins, are completely maintenance-free. The only points on our platforms that require regular maintenance are the stabilisers and the slew ring. These are all easily accessible, eliminating the need to work at height for maintenance.

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Less downtime for engine servicing, since engine is off when platform is in use.

  • Fewer blockages and regen to DPF filters
  • Fewer visits to fuel station

Made in Britain

Aldercote is the leading UK manufacturer of vehicle-mounted access platforms. We are proud to design and manufacture high performance products that help our customers build and maintain the nation’s infrastructure.

Aldercote is a family run business that puts people first. We show this in our customer care and by valuing every employee for their passion, expertise and individuality.

Humberside Police

Customer Quote

“Aldercote has assisted Humberside Police with many years of service in this specialist area of business. They have provided a cost-effective solution with state-of-the-art specialist equipment designed and built in Hull. I cannot speak highly enough of their 24/7 support in terms of immediate repairs, modifications LOLER examinations and certification. Their collaboration with Humberside Police has provided a cost-effective level of service which in my opinion is unrivalled in the current commercial climate. This allows Humberside Police to provide the best service possible for the local community we serve.”

Gary Woolston
Technical Manager, Humberside Police