Our CZ platforms are the first that can be mounted to a standard pickup without the need to up-rate the GVW. Our Cargo option, requires a 3.5t vehicle, but gives you space and payload to carry over 300kg.

Our CZ range is designed to help you get more done:

  • Intelligent structural design saves weight and gives you greater outreach.
  • Sophisticated controls let you reach further, faster and more easily.
  • High-quality components and design for easy maintenance mean that breakdowns are rare, and repairs are swift.
  • Nationwide remote diagnostics, comes as standard; gets you up and running faster if something does go wrong.









(Download Range Diagram)
14.1m 6.8m 250kg From 3.08t Ford Ranger
Izuzu D-MAX
Toyota Hilux

All platforms can be mounted onto either rearwheel or 4-wheel drive chassis cabs/pickups

Outreach dependent on basket load.
(Download Range Diagram)
15.2m 7.6m
(Download Range Diagram)
16.2m 8.1m
  • E-Drive – our self-charging hybrid electric system
  • CAN bus control system with remote connectivity
  • "Fit and forget" bushes – no greasing required
  • Operator feedback for fault diagnostics
  • Axle Lift front stabiliser system for greater stability
  • Insulated harness anchors for low voltage protection
  • Auxiliary electric power pack in case of main pump failure
  • Ground controller with 5m wander lead
  • ...Other options on request


• Click and drag (single finger swipe for mobile) will allow you to rotate the vehicle.
• Use your mouse wheel or pinch the screen (two fingers on mobile) to zoom in and out, and right click (two fingers on mobile) to move the vehicle up and down.
• Use the slider bars below to move the boom.

Slew (°)

Lower Boom (°)

Main Boom (°)

Telescopic Boom ()

Safety is no accident

We take every design past its tipping point to find exactly where its limits lie. Moment sensitive outreach then stops you where you can pull your hardest, down a slope on a windy day, and still have a healthy margin of safety.

Our control algorithm has been developed and analysed using the most up-to-date software. Twinned sensors, high performance controllers and fail-safe control logic mean that a CZ platform will keep you out of harm’s way. Emergency power and fail-safe manual operation come as standard, so you will always get down safely if the power fails.

CZ140 Cargo on an Isuzu D-Max

CZ140 Cargo on an Isuzu D-Max

CZ140 CARGO on an Isuzu D-Max

CZ140 CARGO on an Isuzu D-Max

CZ140 on a Ford Ranger

CZ140 on a Ford Ranger

customer testimonial

“Your platform is like a breath of fresh air. The best way to describe is like going from a model T Ford to a Rolls Royce.”

Ian Belton
Engineer, Openreach

Aldercote Clients

Made in Britain

Aldercote is the leading UK manufacturer of vehicle-mounted access platforms. We are proud to design and manufacture high performance products that help our customers build and maintain the nation’s infrastructure.

Aldercote is a family run business that puts people first. We show this in our customer care and by valuing every employee for their passion, expertise and individuality.

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