Here’s why...

  • No fuel burn during operation
  • Less engine maintenance due to no engine idling
  • Robust design using high quality components
  • Plug-and-play components reducing maintenance requirements
  • Reduced call-outs due to remote diagnostics, and operator feedback
  • Improved fuel efficiency due to lower weight
  • Reduced collision risk


The cost of ownership of a platform is a primary concern in every design decision we make. We understand that the purchase of a new platform is just the beginning.

Through our innovative design, we’ve engineered in factors that save you money over the lifetime of the platform:

  • We only use high quality components
  • E-Drive, our self-charging hybrid electric system, saves fuel and engine service costs
  • Plug-and-play components reduce the need for maintenance
  • Nationwide Remote Diagnostics Service gets you up and running quickly, if an issue does arise.


Unnecessary call-outs to recoverable situations are a nuisance for everyone. That’s why we’ve ensured that the most common causes of interrupted operation are clearly signalled to the operator. These can often be resolved without the need for specialist help, saving time and money all round.


Aldercote platforms are generally the lightest in their class. For commercial vehicles, weight is the most important driver of fuel efficiency; 100kg weight reduction will mean about 2% reduction in fuel burn.


We use chromed stainless pins and self-lubricating polymer bushes on all our boom pivots. These are maintenance free for the lifetime of your machine.

The slew rings on our van-mounted platforms are inside the vehicle. They are therefore protected from the elements and easy to inspect and grease.

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Aldercote Clients

customer testimonial

“Your platform is like a breath of fresh air. The best way to describe is like going from a model T Ford to a Rolls Royce.”

Ian Belton
Engineer, Openreach

Made in Britain

Aldercote is the leading UK manufacturer of vehicle-mounted access platforms. We are proud to design and manufacture high performance products that help our customers build and maintain the nation’s infrastructure.

Aldercote is a family run business that puts people first. We show this in our customer care and by valuing every employee for their passion, expertise and individuality.