Welcome Steve Beedle - new Sales Manager

Welcome Steve Beedle - new Sales Manager

Aldercote Ltd is delighted to announce the recent appointment of its new Sales Manager, Steve Beedle.

Steve is a highly experienced and dynamic sales professional, who is excited at the opportunity to help grow sales at our family-owned company.

He says “Aldercote’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction positions us for continued success. I look forward to meeting new and old contacts along the way and contributing to Aldercote’s journey of growth.”

Steve has a proven track-record in business development and sales leadership in commercial vehicles and associated markets, and we all feel he (and his collection of statement shirts !) will be a great asset to the Aldercote family.

About Aldercote: A leading provider of access platform technology, known for its innovative products and solutions. With a focus on operator-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, Aldercote continues to set industry standards. The company’s E-Drive system exemplifies its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for its valued customers.

Contact: Steve Beedle: Head of Sales and Marketing; Aldercote: 07436042727 / steve.beedle@aldercote.com

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