Welcome Paul Westgarth

Welcome Paul Westgarth

On 6 March 2023, Paul Westgarth joined us as Production Manager.

Previously the Operations manager at Normanton Laminating Services, Paul has joined our team to support us as our business continues to grow to ensure the processes are seamless as production increases.

Paul brings with him over 25 years in manufacturing engineering and production management. His vast experience of project and process management, continuous improvement and his expertise across a breadth of related industries including automotive, and most recently composites, will be valuable in this new role at Aldercote.

Aldercote is an exciting enterprise with a solid strategic growth plan for the next five years,” comments Paul, when asked about his decision to join the team, “the company is becoming recognised for the calibre of its access platforms, and I’m excited to be on board for the next chapter of this journey”.

We’re extremely excited to have him on board,” comments Paul Dillon, one of the company founders, previously overseeing production; “His personality, experience and expertise are a perfect addition to the team’s skillset.


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