A Breath of Fresh Air for Fleets

A Breath of Fresh Air for Fleets

In an exclusive interview with Fleet News, the leading authority on all things fleet management, Aldercote, a UK manufacturer of access platforms, unveils their groundbreaking E-Drive system. This innovative technology promises to revolutionise the industry by offering a cleaner, more efficient, and altogether superior alternative to traditional power take-off (PTO) systems. Let’s delve into the details and discover how E-Drive is poised to make a significant impact on the way fleets operate.

Reduced Emissions, Increased Efficiency

Traditional van-mounted access platforms rely on idling engines to power their hydraulic systems, resulting in wasted fuel and harmful emissions. Aldercote’s innovative E-Drive system tackles this issue with a self-charging electric solution.

E-Drive Advantages:

Benefits Beyond the Bottom Line:

Positive User Experience:

Fleets using E-Drive report numerous benefits, including increased productivity, improved operator experience, and overall reliability. Openreach, a satisfied customer, describes the switch to E-Drive as a “breath of fresh air.”

Available Options:

Aldercote offers E-Drive as part of their VZ van-mounted platform range (13.7m to 18.3m height) and the newly launched CZ pick-up mounted platform range (14.1m to 16.2m height). For existing platforms, E-Drive mounts are available separately.

Investing in a sustainable future, Aldercote’s E-Drive system makes access platforms cleaner, more efficient, and better for everyone.

Read the full article here: https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/electric-access-platform-cuts-co2-and-improves-productivity

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Appointment of Lee Bardsley - new Quality Manager

Appointment of Lee Bardsley - new Quality Manager

Aldercote is proud to announce the appointment of Lee Bardsley to the position of Quality Manager.

This represents an important step in our ambition to become the UK’s number one supplier of van-mounted access platforms.

Appointed to help Aldercote continue to improve the quality of our products and the efficiency of our internal systems and processes, Lee is well-versed in ISO 9001 International Quality Management Standards and has a proven track-record with 15 years’ experience in quality management at Plasticon Composites (GRP & Thermoplastics) Walker Modular (bathrooms) and Quickline Communications (broadband).

He says, “Joining Aldercote at this moment is the perfect opportunity for me to have a positive impact on an ambitious company with an exciting product. I’m really looking forward to joining this growing team & the challenges it will provide”.

About Aldercote: A leading provider of access platform technology, known for its innovative products and solutions. With a focus on operator-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, Aldercote continues to set industry standards. The company’s E-Drive system exemplifies its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for its valued customers.

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Welcome Steve Beedle - new Sales Manager

Welcome Steve Beedle - new Sales Manager

Aldercote Ltd is delighted to announce the recent appointment of its new Sales Manager, Steve Beedle.

Steve is a highly experienced and dynamic sales professional, who is excited at the opportunity to help grow sales at our family-owned company.

He says “Aldercote’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction positions us for continued success. I look forward to meeting new and old contacts along the way and contributing to Aldercote’s journey of growth.”

Steve has a proven track-record in business development and sales leadership in commercial vehicles and associated markets, and we all feel he (and his collection of statement shirts !) will be a great asset to the Aldercote family.

About Aldercote: A leading provider of access platform technology, known for its innovative products and solutions. With a focus on operator-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, Aldercote continues to set industry standards. The company’s E-Drive system exemplifies its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for its valued customers.

Contact: Steve Beedle: Head of Sales and Marketing; Aldercote: 07436042727 / steve.beedle@aldercote.com

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Marc Paish celebrates 10 years at Aldercote

Marc Paish celebrates 10 years at Aldercote

Marc Paish, our Technical Director, joined us at Aldercote in 2013. I caught up with him to find out what has changed in that time. His response was candid, true to our company culture.

“Aldercote has gone from being a being a general-purpose vehicle conversion company, with an interest in access platforms, to a dedicated access platform manufacturer”. For his first five years, Marc recalls, “the company seemed to be fighting a daily battle for survival. Since our focussed approach on access platforms, we are making serious in-roads into the UK market. This success has allowed us to invest in our site, production process and product range”.

“Today, we have a consolidated portfolio, with a wide range of platform options for a variety of van models and pickups. These access platforms are our most popular, but we’re not limited to vans and pickups, we also manufacture tracked crawler access platforms and custom vehicles too.”

Dave Dillon, Sales Director and one of the co-founders of the company commented, “It’s been a great journey over the last 10 years; with Marc’s knowledge and ideas, to his understanding of the company and the direction we are going. He came to us from being a good customer and is now a great business partner and friend.”

When asked what his greatest achievement to date was, Marc answered: “When I joined the company I developed our numerical engineering software, which has since been the cornerstone of our product development. We are always proud to demonstrate how it can quickly generate stability and overload data for an unlimited combination of platforms and vehicles.”

Conversation then moved to discuss future targets. Marc shared that we are now building a team of committed professionals and: “The next five years is about continuous improvement in everything we do. The aim is to become the UK’s leading manufacturer in the small-vehicle mounted platforms market, and then expand our focus onto exports.”

“I hope that in 5 years’ time, our team will number more than 100, and we shall be known as one of Hull’s manufacturing success stories,” he continued.

Finally, when asked what drew him to Aldercote in the first place, and what his motivation is? Marc replied:

“I feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I do. Paul and Dave [Co-founders] have been fantastic business partners. Their friendliness and family values are central to how we operate. Not many people help to build a significant manufacturing company from scratch, and it’s a privilege to be in this position. I am proud of our products, and of the fact that we are creating more and more quality jobs for our hometown.”

Congratulations, Marc! All the best to the next decade.


Interview by Christine Bettinson, Marketing Manager, Aldercote

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Celebrating 5yrs Remote Diagnostic Service

Celebrating 5yrs Remote Diagnostic Service

Since its introduction in 2018, over 400 connections have been made to our Remote Diagnostics Service, and we’ve helped customers throughout the UK as well as further afield in Norway and Canada.

Our Remote Diagnostics Service is an online Bluetooth-enabled diagnostics tool fitted as standard on all platform models. This tool, as the name suggests, allows us to quickly understand the cause of breakdowns remotely, identifying the breakdowns as operator error or machine faults.

Over 85% of issues have been correctly diagnosed remotely. Even when we can’t fix a breakdown, having the remote diagnosis prior to arrival enables our service engineer team to be fully briefed and prepared before attending site, making for a speedier repair.

To use our remote diagnostics service, operators require a free app available on the App Store and Google Play. Older machines can be upgraded to enable remote diagnostics. Call us (01482 222377), to see if your platform is compatible.

To read more about the platform click here: https://aldercote.com/blog/more-about-our-remote-diagnostic-service/

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Welcome Paul Westgarth

Welcome Paul Westgarth

On 6 March 2023, Paul Westgarth joined us as Production Manager.

Previously the Operations manager at Normanton Laminating Services, Paul has joined our team to support us as our business continues to grow to ensure the processes are seamless as production increases.

Paul brings with him over 25 years in manufacturing engineering and production management. His vast experience of project and process management, continuous improvement and his expertise across a breadth of related industries including automotive, and most recently composites, will be valuable in this new role at Aldercote.

Aldercote is an exciting enterprise with a solid strategic growth plan for the next five years,” comments Paul, when asked about his decision to join the team, “the company is becoming recognised for the calibre of its access platforms, and I’m excited to be on board for the next chapter of this journey”.

We’re extremely excited to have him on board,” comments Paul Dillon, one of the company founders, previously overseeing production; “His personality, experience and expertise are a perfect addition to the team’s skillset.


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