Effective 3 July 2023, Chris Hughes was promoted to Service Manager.

Previously our Technical Design & Control Engineer, since March 2021 Chris has been responsible for conducting extensive platform tests to ensure our access platforms comply with industry standards, as well as being instrumental in developing a new automated test procedure and designing user-friendly platform controls. More recently, Chris has regularly collaborated with the customer service team, reviewing component and product designs, and been involved in engineering out common issues, and supporting them with our remote diagnostics service.

“I enjoy the customer-facing aspects of my work,” comments Chris, “It’s great to receive feedback from customers about how our access platforms are performing. We can feed this back into the technical department to consider when reviewing products, so I was thrilled to have this opportunity to become Service Manager”.

“Chris has been working evermore closely with our Customer Service team,” explains Marc Paish, Technical Director, “He has enjoyed this aspect of his work, so it’s fantastic that his knowledge and skills can be transferred in this way to support our customers”.

In the last five years, we have grown significantly. Logically, this translates into more access platforms in operation throughout the UK, which means we have had to grow our customer service team to provide the accompanying support. In this new role, Chris’ responsibilities include responding to customer enquiries, troubleshooting, project management of LOLER inspections, planned and unplanned services.

Good luck!

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