Celebrating 5yrs Remote Diagnostic Service

Celebrating 5yrs Remote Diagnostic Service

Since its introduction in 2018, over 400 connections have been made to our Remote Diagnostics Service, and we’ve helped customers throughout the UK as well as further afield in Norway and Canada.

Our Remote Diagnostics Service is an online Bluetooth-enabled diagnostics tool fitted as standard on all platform models. This tool, as the name suggests, allows us to quickly understand the cause of breakdowns remotely, identifying the breakdowns as operator error or machine faults.

Over 85% of issues have been correctly diagnosed remotely. Even when we can’t fix a breakdown, having the remote diagnosis prior to arrival enables our service engineer team to be fully briefed and prepared before attending site, making for a speedier repair.

To use our remote diagnostics service, operators require a free app available on the App Store and Google Play. Older machines can be upgraded to enable remote diagnostics. Call us (01482 222377), to see if your platform is compatible.

To read more about the platform click here: https://aldercote.com/blog/more-about-our-remote-diagnostic-service/

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