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Looking for a change

Aldercote is a highly innovative manufacturer of vehicle mounted access platforms. In recent years it has invested heavily in product development and its products are now world-leading in technical and environmental performance. This has led to strong growth, and the company is positioned to become the UK’s market leader, and to expand overseas. Proudly based in Hull, Aldercote is building a creative and innovative leadership team. Employees are given the freedom and responsibility to express themselves in their work and expand the limits of their role.We have many new positions arising in our company, due to investment and growth within our industry.

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Marketing Manager

Aldercote is looking for an ambitious and creative business graduate, to help the company project a more assertive and self-confident brand. Founded in 2003 to undertake commercial vehicle conversions, the company is now focused on access platforms and is ready to and compete head-on with its multinational competitors. As an engineering-led organization, the company’s technical development has progressed faster than its marketing. We are now recruiting a specialist to ensure that our public image reflects the passion and engineering excellence embodied in our products. Experience is not necessary; however, the successful candidate will have the vision and confidence to assess and prioritize the company’s marketing needs, and deliver the solutions required. They will understand how marketing should permeate every interaction between the company and its customers. They will demonstrate clear knowledge of customers’ needs at every point in their buying journey and will develop the means to ensure that these needs are met.  They will have the responsibility to deliver the strategy they help develop, supported by a friendly and enthusiastic management team.

Assembly Fitters

To undertake mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical assembly. Aldercote is always looking to improve its products and productivity, and all team members are encouraged to contribute to this process. Creative ideas are therefore encouraged.  Successful applicants will be skilled at different types of manual assembly and will demonstrate professionalism in following safety critical instructions. Experience is welcome, but not essential, as training will be provided. Pay grades are competitive inflation linked, and dependent on knowledge attitude and skills.

GRP Laminators

Welder and Fabricators