The starting point

An idling van burns a litre of diesel per hour. This means that a PTO driven access platform will generate 1.5 tons of CO2, on top of all the smoke and toxic pollutants. An engine uses about 10 kW of power on tick-over which is far more than is needed. The graph below shows the power required to raise our VZ140 to maximum height, pause for 26 seconds, and then return to the ground.

The average over the cycle is only 800W. If the time spent at full reach is 3 minutes, the average requirement falls to 250 W.

What about electric motors?

Conventional electric systems are better. The motor doesn’t run when there is no demand, and it needs less power if the pressure is low.

However, like an engine, the motor pumps oil at a fixed rate, even if it’s not all needed. The un-used flow is pressurized and returned to the tank without doing any work.


Join our sustainable future

Aldercote E-Drive works differently. We only pump the oil that we need. This eliminates waste, which lets us use smaller batteries and gives us far more control than before. This means faster, smoother movement and millimetre accuracy.
Our batteries power up to twenty cycles and recharge quickly during transit, meaning there is never any need to plug in. They are light-weight so payload is the same as with a conventional system.

Using the best available components, in the most efficient way, makes the system exceptionally quiet. As shown below, peak noise is no higher than 55 dB, which is similar to an office conversation.

Why change?

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Fuel and maintenance savings
  • Quieter
  • Faster platform speed
  • Smooth operations
  • and many more

Safety is no accident

Safety is central to the functioning of all our platforms.

  • insulated harness and anchor points in our GRP-composite baskets.
  • Damping fitted to the ends of the hydraulic cylinder strokes – removes jolting to the operator.
  • Moment-sensitive outreach almost eradicates risk of serious misuse

All sensors are twinned providing data for the functionality of the platforms, so that it is virtually impossible for both sensors to go wrong at once. Any fault that could cause both sensors to fail will cause all the control functions to be suspended, and outreach to be limited.

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Product Model

Product Model

Product Model

customer testimonial

“The process of purchasing our new access platform with Aldercote was an extremely smooth process. From the initial enquiry through to final the handover, all in a relatively short timescale, we were kept informed regularly by Dave and we would highly recommend their services to anyone else.”

Mark Roe
Managing Director, Lighting & Signs Limited

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Made in Britain

Aldercote is the leading UK manufacturer of vehicle-mounted access platforms. We are proud to design and manufacture high performance products that help our customers build and maintain the nation’s infrastructure.

Aldercote is a family run business that puts people first. We show this in our customer care and by valuing every employee for their passion, expertise and individuality.

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