A Great Range Of Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms Manufactured, Designed and Built in Britain

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Launch of C Range



Aldercote is launching a new range of platforms for chassis cabs and pickup trucks. The range will consist of seven models with working heights of 13.5m to 18m working height.

The CX range consists of two models with 13.5m and 15.5m working heights. These 3-boom articulated designs with live hydraulic control, offer height and reach at the lowest possible weight, complexity and cost.  

The CZ platforms use articulating telescopic booms, and offer working heights of 13.5, 14.5 and 16.5m, and are available with either live hydraulic, or electro hydraulic control. The electro-hydraulic control system will offer moment sensitive outreach and safe working loads of up to 300kg.

The CZX range is intended to offer the maximum possible performance from a pick-up vehicle. This three- boom articulating telescopic range will be available in two sizes offering working heights of 16.5m and 18m. This range will only be available with electro-hydraulic control.

These platforms have been specifically designed for off road trucks to increase the options available to customers, and is currently adapted for mounting to  Toyota Hilux, Isuzu Dmax and Unimog.

Aldercote has used its “direct load transfer” design principle, to reduce stress concentration, and to give the maximum payload available with acceptable axle loadings. Products at the lower end of the range can be mounted to production vehicles, with no need for up-rating.

The centre of gravity of the platform/vehicle combination is below 1m in height offering greater stability whilst travelling. It will have full jacking of the vehicle to allow the platform to be used on wider variety slopes and a tow bar can be fitted.

Options will include 1000v chassis isolation and the company is ready to develop  materials handling capability on certain models if this proves to be of interest.

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