A Great Range Of Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms Manufactured, Designed and Built in Britain


Mining Support Vehicles


Mining Support Vehicles

All Aldercote Mining Support products including the FuelMaster, LubeMaster, DustMaster and Combined Units are designed using the latest 3D modelling software. The designs are then subjected to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure that they stand up to the most arduous conditions. Centre of gravity calculations are then produced and scrutinized to confirm the design is, more importantly, stable.

Fuel Trucks

Fuel and Lube delivery vehicle / truck

Mining support vehicle
  • Mounted to On Highway Trucks
  • Capacities from 7000ltr to 24000ltr
  • On-board Filtration and Metering
  • Fast fill and forecourt nozzles

Lube Truck

Lube delivery vehicle / truck

Lube Truck
  • Mounted to ISO skid frame or On Highway Truck
  • Up to 12 configurable tanks
  • Product filtration and metering
  • On-board compressor

Water Truck

Dust suppression vehicle

Water Truck
  • Spray heads and nozzles
  • Gravity dump spray bar
  • Optional proportional water delivery
  • Operator interface

Service Truck

Containerised service station

Service Truck
  • On-board generator and compressor
  • 2000watt 8mtr lighting tower
  • Off-line kidney loop filtration
  • Lube delivery



Fuel delivery tanker vehicle

  • Configurable tanks from 4000ltr to 33000ltr
  • Low level fast fill point
  • On-board fuel filtration and metering
  • Variable delivery rates from 50 to 450 ltr/min


Lube Truck

  • Product capacities from 500ltr to 19000ltr
  • Discharge filtration and metering
  • Low level fast fill ports
  • Air or Hydraulic powered discharge pumps

Junior Lubemaster

IMG 0883.JPG
  • For Fitting into Vans
  • Mounting to Pickup's