A Great Range Of Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms Manufactured, Designed and Built in Britain


VZ and VZX


VZ and VZX Access Platforms

The HAWK VZ and VZX platforms are the most technically sophisticated platforms available in their class.  The combination of highly optimised structural design, with sophisticated control offers an unrivalled combination of low weight, wide reach, and excellent productivity.


These platforms continuously monitor the position and angle of their components. This provides the data required to let you reach as far, and as fast as possible. The control options which exploit this potential are as follows:

Moment sensitive outreach

Reduce the cage load, and extend further. In practice this means near unrestricted outreach on most platforms with one man in the cage.

Slew sensitive outreach

Why restrict outreach when there is no risk of instability? Slew sensitive outreach lets you go further over the front and rear of the vehicle, but still restricts you to within safe limits over the side.

Dynamic speed optimisation

For your safety, our governing standard says you can’t go faster than 0.4m/s.  Normally, the rate of fluid flow to a cylinder is fixed so that this speed is reached when everything is fully extended, and the cylinder is at its least favourable angle.  In any other position, you’ll be going slower. Dynamic speed control adjusts fluid flow in response to the extension of the platform and the leverage of the cylinder. This means your speed is more even, and on average you spend 25% less time getting to where you need to be.

High speed operation

Combining dynamic speed control with a bigger pump allows you to run near the speed limit for even more of the envelope. An average time saving of 37% leads to even shorter cycle times and higher productivity.

Jack-less operation

Highly restricted outreach over the side of the vehicle if the stabilisers are not set. Allows for rapid setup for jobs requiring minimal outreach

All this takes place within a state of the art, sealed controller from Parker. If you have them, they’ll be working, and you just need to get on with doing your work quicker than ever before.


All the sensors which provide data for the functions described above are twinned so that it is virtually impossible for both to go wrong at once. Any fault in a single sensor or a wiring fault which could cause both to fail will cause all the control functions to be suspended, and outreach to be limited. Safety is therefore central to the functioning of all VZ platforms.

Functions such as moment sensitive outreach also mean that serious misuse is near impossible. If the platform is overloaded, it simply will not move to a position where this could cause a problem.


All HAWK platforms use automotive style wiring harnesses with simple plug connectors to sensors and control components. This improves reliability and makes fixing problems easier. VZ platforms can also be fitted with mobile modems, which allow us to diagnose, and frequently fix faults remotely.

Misuse or poor maintenance is the most frequent cause of faults with any platform. Modems can help identify and resolve these issues this by recording sensor outputs and therefore identifying whether users are operating the equipment correctly.