A Great Range Of Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms Manufactured, Designed and Built in Britain


V and VX



This Range is a Cost Effective range of Aerial Platforms, with Live Hydraulic Controls in the Cage.

The V range consists of a column, a base boom and a jib, the VX range consists of a set of V booms with an extra reverse boom or elevator to give extra height. Available on IVECO, Mercedes Sprinter and Transit, the range offers vertical reach of 11.5 to 15.5m and outreach of 6.7m to 8.4m with 200 kg rated load. Greater rated loads are available depending on the vehicle and platform combination. Greater outreach is possible on the VX range at a 120kg rated load.

Robustness and simplicity

The HAWK V and VX platforms are designed for robustness and simplicity.  Simple articulating designs with direct hydraulic control and our tried and tested electric safety interlock system ensure that down time will be rare.

All Aldercote platforms are tested at 150% of maximum loading in the worst case conditions for chassis inclination manual loading and wind. You can therefore be confident that

Low maintenance

All articulations consist of chromed stainless pins running in “fit and forget” polymer plain bearings. Bearing maintenance is not required. The only points on the system which require regular greasing are the stabilisers and the slew ring. These are all accessible from inside the vehicle, so outside of major services there is never any need to stand higher than the vehicle floor.

Light weight

All booms have been manufactured from high strength steel from SSAB. This means more strength for less weight, giving you greater vehicle payloads with no compromise on height, reach or safety.

Our lightweight baskets are available with either “duck-under” or “walk in” entry. Built using a honeycomb GRP sandwich construction, our baskets and weigh less than 30kg, yet still far exceed the industry requirements for strength and stiffness. This weight reduction allows many of the V and VX range to be offered without any additional counterweight in the vehicle, further increasing available payloads.