Mining support vehicle

Specialist Vehicle Experts



With almost 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke access platforms, more and more companies are turning to Aldercote with specialist vehicle requirements.

Taking the time to understand our customer’s needs, along with our flexible approach has made us a leading supplier of specialist vehicles for a variety of industries.

Working closely with our customers, we design and produce bespoke vehicles for lots of different applications, from single users through to the mining and quarry industry.

Some of our specialist vehicles include:

  • Extreme terrain platforms - with a drivable crawler chassis and low ground bearing pressure
  • Aircraft wash rigs - with an 18 metre working height, soap pump and large capacity hot and cold water tanks
  • Pole erection unit - with pole carrying racks and hydraulic raising rear underrun

Find out more about our specialist vehicles here or contact us here for a quotation.

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