Lorry Cranes


Lorry Cranes

The Manotti Lorry Crane range covers a wide range of lifting capacities and outreaches.

The telescopic TC range offers lifting capacities between 1.05T and 2.34T, and outreach of between 1.8m and 5.7m. These compact and lightweight designs can be fitted on any vehicle, and weigh from as little as 150kg.

The articulating AC range offers greater outreach at slightly lower lifting capacities. Lifting capacities are between 750kg and 1.52 tonnes, with outreach of between 5.0m and 9.7m.

TC - Telescopic Range

Product Lifting moment Lifting capacity Maxium outreach Slewing torque Weight
TC13 SF1 12 kNm 1150kg 1.77m 3.2 kNm 150kg
TC13 SF2 12 kNm 1090kg 2.67m 3.2 kNm 165kg
TC13 SF3 12 kNm 1050kg 3.41m 3.2 kNm 187kg
TC23 SF1 23.48 kNm 2040kg 2.03m 3.2 kNm 205kg
TC23 23.48 kNm 1900kg 3.03m 3.2 kNm 226kg
TC23 23.48 kNm 1780kg 4.03m 3.2 kNm 245kg
TC33 31.0 kNm 2340kg 2.49m 3.2 kNm 300kg
TC33 31.0 kNm 2230kg 3.65m 3.2 kNm 320kg
TC33 31.0 kNm 2110kg 4.67m 3.2 kNm 350kg
TC33 31.0 kNm 1750kg 5.67m 3.2 kNm 418kg


AC - Articulated Range

Product Lifting moment Lifting capacity Maximum outreach Slewing torque Weight
AC27 SF2 27 kNm 750kg 5.00m 2.5 kNm 370kg
AC27 SF3 27 kNm 730kg 6.10m 2.5 kNm 390kg
AC35 SF2 31 kNm 980kg 5.60m 4 kNm 715kg
AC35 SF3 31 kNm 960kg 7.00m 4 kNm 760kg
AC35 SF4 31 kNm 900kg 8.30m 4 kNm 800kg
AC41 SF2 39 kNm 1100kg 5.80m 4.4 kNm 715kg
AC41 SF3 39 kNm 1090kg 7.10m 4.4 kNm 760kg
AC41 SF4 39 kNm 1080kg 8.40m 4.4 kNm 800kg
AC55 SF1 53 kNm 1520kg 4.95m 5.7 kNm 690kg
AC55 SF2 53 kNm 1500kg 6.48m 5.7 kNm 735kg
AC55 SF3 53 kNm 1480kg 8.08m 5.7 kNm 800kg
AC55 SF4 53 kNm 1450kg 9.67m 5.7 kNm 850kg